Welcome and thank you for your interest in partnering with Hi-Lyfe. We’re always looking for innovative, quality-driven, and like-minded businesses to join us in our mission to elevate the cannabis experience. We are excited to collaborate with companies that create outstanding products in line with our values and mission to deliver the best to our customers.

Why Partner with Hi-Lyfe?

Reach: Tap into our extensive customer base and take advantage of our thriving online platform, physical retail locations, and marketing channels.

Brand Exposure: Hi-Lyfe's commitment to quality and variety makes us a trusted name in the cannabis accessory industry. This trust can translate into more visibility and recognition for your brand.

Joint Marketing Opportunities: Benefit from our promotional strategies, which include social media marketing, email campaigns, in-store promotions, and various other marketing initiatives.

Logistical Support: We handle the sales, shipping, and customer service so you can focus on what you do best - creating high-quality products.

    Who Can Partner with Us?

    We are open to partnerships with businesses involved in the creation or distribution of:

    • High-quality cannabis accessories
    • Innovative cannabis-related tech gadgets
    • Artisanal handcrafted products related to cannabis culture
    • Eco-friendly or sustainable cannabis accessories
    • Educational resources or services for the cannabis community

    How to Get Started

    Are you interested in partnering with us? Here's the process:

    1. Submit your Interest: Send us an interest email at customerservice@hilyfe.org. Our team will review your application and respond within 1-3 business days.
    2. Agreement: Once your products have been approved, we will finalize the terms of our partnership, covering pricing, logistics, and marketing initiatives.
    3. Launch: We will start selling your products across our platform.

      Ready to join the Hi-Lyfe family? Shoot us an email with your name and contact details.

      We look forward to exploring opportunities for mutual growth. Thank you for considering a partnership with Hi-Lyfe.

      For more information, please contact our Strategic Partnership Manager at vancee@hilyfe.org

      Elevate Your Brand with Hi-Lyfe!